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Terms and Conditions

How can I pay with PayPal?

Each product in the site has a  “Add to cart” & “View Cart” buttons, and select payment method: PAYPAL Items paid by this method will be sent immediately. Please note: Paying with a PayPal E-Check will cause a 3-4 day delay on product link shipment because of PayPal confirmations. Digital Separates are not available with PayPal at this time.


How can I pay with Bank transfer?

Each product in the site has a  “Add to cart” & “View Cart” buttons and select BANK TRANSFER. Items paid by this method will be sent as soon as the money has been transfer to our bank account.

Do the actions and overlays work with all types of photoshop?

Yes, the actions and overlays work with all types of photoshops and all languages.

Do the actions and overlays work with lightroom?

No, they do not work with lightroom.

Do lightroom presets work with photoshop?

No, presets work only in lightroom.


Do these actions work with Adobe Creative Cloud?

Yes they do. All PS actions and LR presets have been tested and work fine with Adobe Creative cloud. You can get CC Photoshop and Lightroom


Can I have a physical copy of my order mailed to me?

Yes, please ask via email at

Is there any chargement if i lose the actions and download links?

absolutely not, simply send an email to with order number and we will send you the products via email.


How to extract a RAR file on Windows?

Look at this video here:


How to extract a RAR file on MAC?

Look at this video here:


I forgot or didn’t apply a coupon to my order, can you refund me the difference?

Unfortunately we do not allow a coupon to be reimbursed after the sale has went through. Please make sure you are using the code during checkout.


I tried to install the overlays but it doesn’t recognize the file. 

Overlays, Digital Backgrounds and textures can NOT be installed. They should be unzipped into a folder. Once they are open choose the one you wish to use in PS or PSE. Select the light and drag it over to the photo you are working on and set the blending mode to  “Screen”. Do not change the leaf overlays or digital backgrounds. They should remain in “Normal Mode”.


Do you offer discounts or coupon codes?

Yes periodically we offer coupon codes. To ensure you are getting the codes when they are released you should become a fan on Facebook or make sure you are subscribed to the email list.

Do you offer support on the action set?

Yes. We offer limited support. We want you to have a great experience with the actions and presets we sell. Unfortunately, our support only goes to our products. We will make sure the actions sold are in good working order or we will replace the set. If they are tested on a platform ie. and function properly for us then we advise that you turn off PS and restart your computer and then reinstall the actions.


How to install actions?

1 – After you’ve downloaded the zip file containing your actions, you’ll need to unpack the contents of the file. This should reveal a new folder containing the .ATN file for your new actions.

Action Folder

2 – You can either drag this file directly into your Photoshop window, or you can use the action panel dropdown in Photoshop to select your .ATN file and load your actions.

Once your actions are loaded in Photoshop, you’re ready to go.

Using Actions

Now that your actions are available in Photoshop:

1. Select the layer you want to apply the action to.

2. Select the action you want to use from your action panel.

3. Hit the “play” button down at the bottom of the panel.

Installation is very simple. We have links on both action pages to explain installation.

Do you offer a refund if I don’t like the action?

No. Digital media is impossible to return because of the nature of the material delivered. It is uncommon for any digital maker to allow returns.


Do you offer a refund if i purchased but haven’t downloaded anything?

No, we can’t offer refund for digital media.

How long does it take to return my email?

Typically all email inquiries are answered within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within 48 hours it is possible that message did not go through properly. Please try again